Saturday AM Hours to Help You Catch Up

TVM Open Saturday Nampe & Payette
TVM Open Saturday Nampe & Payette

Its a busy fall season as many of our customers push to make their final fall clean up a reality before winter comes to the Treasure Valley.

TVM facilties in Nampa and Payette are both open Saturday 8 AM to NOON to help you find the extra hours to recycle and complete your clean ups.  Recycle with us Monday through Friday at all 3 locations, and if you need to make Saturday a get er done day, we got you covered.

That way you can still wet a line, spend some time in the field, or be with the family.   TVM helps Idaho recycle!


Summer Clean Up Time, Get it Done

Deal with ThisYes,  you know you have cleaning to do around your ranch, home, or place of work.  Cars that won’t ever run again, pumps and pieces that have been parted out, and just that general ‘stuff’ you mean to get rid of.

Turn you scrap to cash and get the job done.  Visit one of our convenient locations.  If you have truckloads of scrap metal, roll off service or larger trailers might make economic sense.

Whatever you have, don’t put it off.  Recycle for Idaho today.


Economic Impact of the Recycling Industry

When you recycle with TVM Recycling, you are part of our nation’s first green industry.  Our industries, friends and neighbors help keep Idaho & Oregon clean by  transforming end-of-life products and
industrial scrap into new commodity grade materials and driving economies by making the old, new again.

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has published it’s 2015 Economic Impact Study on the reach and breath of metal recycling.   They point out that scrap recycling creates and supports jobs and has a positive impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and protecting our natural resources.  The industry generates nearly $106 billion in economic activity annually.

ISRI has summarized it’s 2015 report in this interesting video.

The Impact of Recycling

Why recycle?  icecream

Ever wonder about the benefits of this activity we’re all engaged in on a regular basis?  By nature, we recycling types like to be sure we get the value out of things.  We like to be sure old gets reused, resources are conserved, we’re a bit more energy efficient and wiser with our environment.

That’s not the whole story.  The recycling industry is a key contributor to our national economy and vital to Idaho and Oregon.  Recycling metals, paper, plasitc, and glass generate $87 billion in economic activity and provide 140,000 jobs nationwide.

Our good customers are part of this story.  It starts with your action, your patronage to TVM Recycling, and the support of our  community.  We thank your for your business.  Most importantly, we thank you for being part of the recycling success story.

The good folks at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries spell out   recycling’s impact in this concise 2 minute video.

Industrial & Commerical Scrap Metal Services

TVM Recycling is the Treasure Valley’s preferred firm for scrap metal recycling.  We are known for making recycling easy for customers visiting our 3 facilities.   TVM also brings that same service and values to our business clients, large and small.  We provide great service to commercial and industrial customers on their site or where they need us.

Obsolete electric wire ready for recycling.
Obsolete electric wire ready for recycling.

Our container  and pick up services can help you turn idle assets, obsolete materials, and manufacturing scrap into cash that feeds back to your bottom line.

Every business has unique needs.  TVM recycling excels at meeting your particular situation.  We can arrange on site pick up or meet your crews and contractors to be sure your steel, wire, metals, or machinery gets out of your way, is recycled responsibly, and at maximum value to your business.

Our clients include sectors such as utilities, power plants, manufacturers, irrigation, energy, agriculture businesses and farms.   Take advantage of our easy and efficient service to make your business day a little less hectic.  We’d love to make you one of our regular clients.

Old plant assets ready for recycling.
Old plant assets ready for recycling.

Our balers, cranes, loaders and trucks service all of Idaho, northern Nevada, eastern Oregon,  and western Montana.  And, we’ve traveled further than that to meet the needs of our clients.


Experience, expertise, service, and price make TVM Recycling a valued industrial service provider.  We invite you to contact us.

Scrap Metal Recycling in Idaho’s Treasure Valley