The Impact of Recycling

Why recycle?  icecream

Ever wonder about the benefits of this activity we’re all engaged in on a regular basis?  By nature, we recycling types like to be sure we get the value out of things.  We like to be sure old gets reused, resources are conserved, we’re a bit more energy efficient and wiser with our environment.

That’s not the whole story.  The recycling industry is a key contributor to our national economy and vital to Idaho and Oregon.  Recycling metals, paper, plasitc, and glass generate $87 billion in economic activity and provide 140,000 jobs nationwide.

Our good customers are part of this story.  It starts with your action, your patronage to TVM Recycling, and the support of our  community.  We thank your for your business.  Most importantly, we thank you for being part of the recycling success story.

The good folks at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries spell out   recycling’s impact in this concise 2 minute video.